The Vibe Drum Massage  

The Holistic Approach                                                                                                                                 

The Vibe Drum Relax Massage is based upon a holistic approach where the body, mind and soul are treated simultaneously as an integrated One.

Not only in the Eastern but also in the Western cultures people have known for a long time that the use of music, sounds and vibration play a very important part in healing the mind, body and spirit. It is said that Pythagoras sang soothing melodies to his students on the assumption that melody and rythm are able to harmonize people as a whole. Even modern medicine is experimenting with the sounds made by healthy cells versus diseased ones. It has been found that when the body’s cells do not oscillate at the same frequency then certain energy blockages can manifest, for example into a state of being too tense.   

The Principle

A VibeDrum Massage is not like anything you have experienced before. Think of a „Singing Bowl“ massage using 9 different bowls simultaneously on the same location.

The Vibe Drum Relax Treatment can performed while the participant is wearing clothes. The participant is asked to lie down on their back and make themselves comfortable. The Vibe Drum is then placed on the participants body and various tones and rythms are played. The Vibe Drum has 9 different notes and frequencies thus the participant will experience a blend of these vibrations and tones throughout their body. The massage lasts for about 90 minutes and the drum is placed upon different areas of the body. Although the placement of the drum can change from person to person the standard placements are as follows: Just above the knee, Solar plexis(yellow,green chakra), lower Abdomen (orange chakra), upper thigh (red chakra), back of knees, back of upper thighs (red chakra), upper back (blue,green chakra) and finally the lower back (yellow,orange chakra).

The soothing vibrations of the Vibe Drum are transferred to the body and spread in concentric waves of different frequencies. The Human body contains more than 70% water which carry the tones and vibrations to every cell in the body. Thus every cell is addressed and energy blockages along the chakra system are released and the flow of the body’s energy is restored. This internal massage leads to a deep state of relaxation, muscular tension is released and affterwords the body is rejuvinated and revitalized.

However one should be advised that the Vibe Drum Relax Massage IS NOT a substitute for treatment by a doctor or therapist.  

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